Many fences look very similiar from far away, but it is upon a  closer glance that you realize, fencing from Specialty Wholesale Supply, is of quality that will exceed industry standards. Our products are made with 100% vinyl, feature a neighbor friendly design, can come in full 8′ by 6′ panels, and are very easy to install. Our fences are manufactured with state-of-the-art co-extrusion technology which out performs most other fence materials. The vinyl compound blended with UV inhibitors make for a fade resistant and weather durable easy care surface. The low maintenance fencing never need  painting or staining, cleans easily which will save you time and money.

Specialty Wholesale Supply offers multiple different options  for fencing to match your style and provide an excellent compliment for your home.

We currently offer the fence sections in Tahoe, Tahoe 1 Sloped Transition 24″ Drop, Tahoe 3, Tahoe 4, Tahoe 4A New England Top, Breckenridge, Nantucket 1, Nantucket 2, Fairmont 1, Fairmont 2, New England – Level Narrow, Hanover, Melville, Shelley 1, Ranch Rail, Diamond Rail, Crowne Point, Thoreau.

Our post caps include the Economy, New England, Nantucket, Gothic, Dome, Federation, and Bridgeport. Our post skirts come in Low Profile, Low Profile Retro-Fit, New England, Cambridge, Post Trim Skirt, Federation and the Adjustable Foot Spindle.

We also offer solar powered lights for posts. We have a Classic/Colonial, as well as a Cambridge; both of which are available in different sizes to match the post sizes.


Installation Instructions

Picket Fence Installation


Ranch Rail Installation


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