Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication SampleMetal Fabrication Sample
Metal Fabrication is one of the many services under the umbrella that is Maki Building Centers. We have the abilities to cut bend and assemble metal.
Sawing, Shearing, Chiseling and Torching are all methods used in order to cut metal. Hand-held torches can be used through a numerical controlled CNC cutter which uses a laser, mill bits, torch or water jet.
Metal can be bent by hammering or press brakes. Modern metal fabricators use press breaks to coin or air-bend metal sheets into forms. CNC controlled back gauges use hard stop to position cut  parts in order to place bend lines correctly. Off-line programming software now makes programming the CNC-controlled press brakes seamless and quite efficient.
Assembling metal is done by welding, and binding with adhesives, riveting, threaded fasteners, or a crimped seam which involves more bending. Structural steel and sheet metal are generally the starting materials in fabrication, along with welding wire, flux and fasteners.
Metal Fabrication MachineMetal Fabrication Machine