Vinyl Railings

Specialty Wholesale Supply also manufactures railings in addition to the windows and doors it already produces, with the VEKA Pro Z Railing System, from VEKA Outdoor Living Products.

The Pro Z Railing Kit brings the benefit of a unique Bracket System that is offered by VEKA, as well as a sturdy attachment providing the security that your railing is attached with metal-to-metal connection onboth the top and bottom rails.  The railing systems include metal tracks with a PVC cover, availability in commercial and residential, they exceed a 1000 pound load test, include an aluminum reinforced top rail, CCRR Compliant Railing.

They are available in 4′, 6′, and 8′ sections as well as 36″ and 42″ heights. There are different options in balusters, caps and colors to match your style and provide an excellent compliment to your yard. Some of our Baluster options include Straight Standard Spindles as well as the Colonial Spindle. However there are more options to customize and make completely your own.

Specialty Wholesale Supply features Stanfield, Trustin or Majestic styles and are able customize to meet your needs and style. We are proud to feature customizable products since many times customers want to blend convenience with durability.

Installation Instructions for our railings, can be found by clicking on the name: MajesticStanfield, and Trustin.

Installation Instructions for our Stair Railings can be found by clicking on the name: Majestic StairStanfield Stair, and Trustin Stair.

We can also manufacture to American Disability Act standards, and have information on these standards here.

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