Screen Enclosures

Enclosure-003Screen Enclosures

Enjoy your covered porch this spring and summer insect free with one of our screen porch enclosure systems. Available in white or bronze finishes; custom made to your porches dimensions. Better yet, enjoy your outside living space year round and add removable storm panels for those winter months. Choice of mesh screening include; Charcoal Fiberglass, Aluminum Fiberglass, Pet Safe for you pet owners, and Clear Advantage Mesh that has a finer mesh pattern making the screen visually less intrusive as a standard Charcoals or Aluminum screen. Other screen types available upon request.

Enclosure-002Storm Panel Options

Removable storm panel options include; tempered glass, double strength glass, plexiglass, lexan, and rolla-glass to meet your structural needs or budget. Held in place with color matching thumbscrews and die cast clips. Screen material installed directly onto enclosure panel allowing storm panel to be installed right over screen without having to remove and store somewhere as with other porch enclosure systems. Removable screen option available.

Enclosure-001Quality Construction

Enclosure panels are constructed out of 1×1″ .030 roll formed aluminum and installed with .050 extruded aluminum tracks with color matching self tapping pan-head screws for that professional finish.

Our Enclosure Panels are offered with 18″ or 24″ embossed kick panels, that add strength and a finished look. Panels can be produced without kick panels, but not recommended on units taller than 6′. Horizontal support, or kick panel is required on panels over 6′ tall. Max panel width of 6′.

Surface Area

Note: Do to building codes, glass options are limited due to surface area of glass panel requested.

0-9 sq ft Single Strength Glass
9-16 sq ft Double Strength Glass
16-24 sq ft 3/16 Thick Glass
24+ sq ft Tempered Glass

Also any glass panel to be installed less than 18″ from floor level is required by code to be tempered glass.

Other Key Features

We offer a wide variety of wood and aluminum storm doors that can be installed into our porch enclosure system. Panels can be fabricated to fit any angled or trapezoid opening your porch may have. Note: Not all options available in this type of situation.

Porch posts not required for installation. Specific channels available to attach panels together parallel and at 90 degree angles.

For enclosure panels using removable storm panels, a rolled aluminum stop is inserted inside the 1×1 frame for added strength and for creating a more snug fit for the removable storm panel.

Storm panels include brush weather-strip installed to assist in keeping the weather out.

Note: This porch enclosure system is not designed to be air tight and will not keep all air and water out.

Installation Channels

Installation Channels
Installation Channels. Bottom and side channels similar to top channel, not shown

Bottom and side channels similar to top channel, not shown
Horizontal Mullion Support with screen only panel
Inside view: Enclosure Panel prepped for storm panel insert using clips
Outside view: Enclosure Panel w/permanent screening
Removable storm panel
Horizontal Mullion support for storm panel insert and bottom kick panel.