DuraGard XT

Fully welded sash and frame with an extra high sill dam. .29 U-Value, .29 SHGC, & DP 40 standard

SWS’s DuraGard XT family of windows has been engineered to exceed today’s tough energy standards as well as being designed for aesthetic appeal.  SWS manufactures the DuraGard family to the highest quality to give the consumer years of worry-free use.   All of the DuraGard products are constructed using the finest materials on the market today.

All of our DuraGard products with low E/agron glass exceed Energy Star requirements.   The DuraGard XT family is available in eight new construction or replacement styles.   The DuraGard Xt double hung, manufactured by SWS, has one of the best U-Value ratings in the window market.  Our U-Value for low E, argon gas filled 7/8″ overall airspace is .28.   While that alone is reason enough.  SWS didn’t stop there!  The DuraGard XT line of windows is constructed of the best of the best components for an extreme value-added finished product.     Call today  (866) 416-3916.

DuraGard windows are made to order, made to fit, and made to last.

DuraGard Windows

All DuraGard Windows feature and use 100% Virgin White vinyl color throughout, Therma-Core Reinforced Sash for added stability and have a fully welded sash which keeps the sash permanently square and true. They also have 7/8″  insulated glass which decreases thermal energy loss, a Closed Cell foam-filled bulb seal on lower sash reduces air and water infiltration, Slopped Sill Allows for proper drainage on outside of window and Fully Tilting Sash with Recessed Tilt Latches.

DuraGard also features: Inverted Constant Force, Deluxe Low Profile Sash Vent Stops, a Fully Welded Beveled 3 1/4″ Frame, Super Spacer warm edge spacers to help reduce condensation, Extended Reach “Cam Action” Sash Lock which  pulls sash together for maximum tightness ensuring increased security and less air infiltration and an Exterior Glazed Sash – weather sealed with udometer glazing stop to prevent water infiltration.

They also can feature Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Screen in a Full Screen or Half Screen. Another feature includes Dual Wall Integrated Lift Rails, Dual Wall Interior Dam Leg, Interlocking Sash Meeting Rails, Therma Core Reinforced Meeting Rails and Quiet Triple Fin Pile Weather Stripping.

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