Black Acrylic Clad

Black Acrylic Clad VinylBlack Acrylic Clad

Specialty Wholesale Supply offers a Black Acrylic Clad in addition to their white windows. This vinyl feature an acrylic clad adhered to the exterior of the vinyl. This is unique because it is not paint, so you never need to spend time touching the paint up, or worrying about the sun warping the color. Because the acrylic clad is on the exterior, and these windows still feature our cream white interior, we have black and white grid material that is used for these windows to have the black on the exterior and white on the interior. Black Acrylic Clad windows by Specialty Wholesale Supply feature a FLEXSCREEN which has a black frame to seamlessly blend with the exterior of these windows.

Black windows are offered in our full line of Awnings, Casements, Double Hung, Picture Windows, Shapes and Horizontal Sliders in New Construction and have Replacement options available.

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