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Dana Maki reacts as Top Notch Truss receives Proclamation in recognition of Grand Opening

Maki Corp. announces a new division, Top Notch Truss.   Top Notch Truss is a companion to Specialty Wholesale Supply, MAKI Building Centers, and Grand Rental.    The official Top Notch Truss Grand Opening was held on 6/23/16.   Top Notch Truss received a proclamation from the Massachusetts House of Representatives in recognition of the milestone.    SEE PROCLAMATION.  SEE GRAND OPENING PDF Attendees at Top Notch Truss grand openingAs an integral part of the MAKI family, Top Notch Truss is dedicated to the manufacture of some of the best trusses in America!    Printable One Sheet    Top Notch Truss is also the “go to place” for engineered wood products including insulated headers, roof and floor trusses & joists, and laminated vertical lumber and i beams.    Top Notch Truss  manufactures   engineered metal plate connected wood trusses for residential & commercial applications.   Contact Us for a Top Notch Truss!

Top Notch Truss is located on Linus Allain Avenue in Gardner Massachusetts, a city located in North Central Massachusetts.

Engineering Experience

Engineering a truss for a particular use takes into account many important factors integral to the safety of the structure.    Goal is to produce a Top Notch Truss which is trusted to provide years of trouble free service.   With this goal in mind, Top Notch Truss works with each customer to provide just the right solution for a particular need.   The goal is not just to meet the current building code.    The goal is to build a Top Notch Truss which exceeds today’s safety requirements, exceeds customer expectations, and provides peace of mind going forward.  Top Notch Truss builds upon the MAKI family tradition of striving for excellence in products sold and customer service as evidenced by the highly sought after windows and doors produced by the SWS division within the same manufacturing complex.

Exceeding Expectations

Making a truss is a critical mix of engineering knowledge, design expertise, and material selection.     A Top Notch Truss is just that, a truss which is built to exceed expectations.   Please contact us so we can provide what you need for  your project.  We are at your service.

Top Notch Truss

As you might imagine, we currently are more focused on our new division, Top Notch Truss than we are on providing detailed information for the website.   As we go along, we will provide  you with photos of various projects including some of the more unusual trusses we build.    It will be an ongoing project.


Top Notch Truss is  at the same complex as the SWS Window, Door, Fencing, and Railing manufacturing facility in Gardner Massachusetts.    Top Notch Truss promises to offer the same tradition of quality which the company is known to provide.   

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At SWS, we have the experience and know how to engineer the perfect truss.   After all, when it comes to a solid roof, in truss we trust!   In need of aTop Notch Truss? .   Contact us

Some background on trusses

History of Trusses

Timber roof trusses were a medieval development. Earlier roofs had been supported by coupled rafters – pairs of rafters linked by horizontal beams. But such roofs were structurally weak, and lacking any longitudinal support were prone to racking, a collapse resulting from horizontal movement.

Truss Primer 101 – Parts of the Truss

The top members of a truss are known generically as the top chord, bottom members as the bottom chord, and the interior members as webs. In historic carpentry the top chords are often called rafters, and the bottom chord is an often a tie beam. There are two main types of timber roof trusses: closed, in which the bottom chord is horizontal and at the foot of the truss, and open, in which the bottom chords are raised to provide more open space, also known as raised bottom chord trusses.

The Scissor Truss

scissortruss150The scissor truss gets its name from being shaped like a pair of shears (scissors).

Two defining features of a scissor truss are:

1) the joint where the bottom chords pass (the hinge of a pair of scissors) must be firmly connected and

2) the rafter (top chord) feet must land on the bottom chords.

If the bottom chords join to the under-side of the top chords the assembly is said to be “scissor braced” rather than a scissor truss.

A timber roof truss is a structural framework of timbers designed to bridge the space above a room and to provide support for a roof. Trusses usually occur at regular intervals, linked by longitudinal timbers. The space between each truss is known as a bay.

Top Notch Truss Gardner MA


Trusses from Top Notch Truss

Trusses on Trailer

Inside Top Notch Truss
Inside Top Notch Truss
Trusses at Top Notch Truss Gardner MA
Trusses at Top Notch Truss Gardner MA

horizontalline1180Helpful Documents and Guides

Truss Resources:

Many of these resources are available from the SBCA, the Structural Building Components Association


Types of Trusses