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Fully welded sash and frame with an extra high sill dam. .29 U-Value, .29 SHGC, & DP 40 standard

Fully welded sash and frame with an extra high sill dam., U-Value ranging from .25 to .28, .23 to .29 SHGC, & DP 40 standard(Slider lower, others up to 65)

SWS's most energy efficient window with triple glazing, boasting a .17 to .21 U-Value, .26 SHGC & DP 40 standard

SWS’s most energy efficient window with triple glazing, boasting a U-Value ranging from .17 to .21 , .20 to .25 SHGC & DP 40 standard (Slider lower, others up to 65)


About MAKI’s SWS Windows

SWS’s windows have been engineered to exceed today’s tough Energy Star standards. Our family of windows includes  DuraGard XT and TRI-MAX. We have many options in our windows for just the right aesthetic appeal.

Better Windows and Energy Savings

SWS’s  vinyl windows can do so much for your home. Outside, they provide a distinctive look which complements your home’s architectural style. Inside, they add to each room’s decor while eliminating drafts, reducing energy needs and putting an end to window maintenance.

Dura Gard XT – SWS manufactures the DuraGard family to the highest quality to give the consumer years of worry-free use. All of the DuraGard products are constructed using the finest materials on the market today.

Exceeding Energy Star Requirements

All of our DuraGard products with low E/argon glass exceed Energy Star requirements. The DuraGard XT family is available in eight new construction or replacement styles.  U-Factor: The DuraGard Xt double hung, manufactured by SWS, has one of the best U-Value ratings in the window market.  

  Our U-Value for low E, argon gas filled 7/8″ overall airspace is .27. (u-factor varies by window style from .25 to .28).
While that alone is reason enough.  SWS Windows and Sliding Patio Doors have much less air infiltration than what Energy Star certification allows – less air leaks in.
Our windows handle wind load very well with great Design Pressure numbers.  
 Our Condensation Resistance numbers are much better than suggested minimum values.
Visible Light Transmittance


Utilizing the best of the best components

SWS didn’t stop there! The DuraGard XT line of windows is constructed of the best of the best components for an extreme value-added finished product.

Tri-Max – The Tri-Max triple pane glass window (a DuraGard XT product) is the top of the SWS line. The basic window frame, sash, features and benefits are all the same as the DuraGard XT double hung with the exception of the glass which is 1″ thick. U-Factor varies by window style from .17 to .21.

lotsofwindowsSpecialty Wholesale Supply (SWSS)
is the Maki Corp MANUFACTURING DIVISION. SWS is a leading manufacturer of quality vinyl windowsexterior doors, interior doors,  patio doors,custom millwork at the Mill Shop, metal fabrication, screen enclosures, countertops, vinyl railing, vinyl fencing, and trusses.   New: Top Notch Truss opens next door to SWS Facility, Gardner MA.

History of Quality Manufacturing


SWS was founded in 1969. Products can be purchased through MAKI Building Centers in Lunenburg, Gardner, Sterling

bay-window Interior

or directly through the SWS manufacturing complex centrally located in Gardner, Mass.

As a family-owned business, we strive to make your shopping experience unique, informative, and personal.  SWS caters not only to architects, builders, and contractors, but also homeowners in Central New England.

Custom Orders

Windows in Custom Colors

Custom Colored Windows Summer 2015

SWS is unique company, innovating continually and thus exceeding industry specifications in almost every category.   The result is better windows and doors that last.    We also enjoy the challenge and fun of custom orders.

Focus on Customer Service

swsqualityThe SWS staff enjoys working with you on your project whether your needs are large or small.     Contact us for more information.     Quote Request.


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Design Pressure

Click Image for HD version - see other window pages for values on other window types

Click Image for HD version – see other window pages for values on other window types



A Shape Window

A Shape Window


DuraGard XT Interactive Window

SWS makes a superior window built for durability and energy efficiency.     A great window is the sum of its great parts and that’s what we’re showing you here.   Simply hover your mouse over the Information Icon to zoom in on that section of the window and get more information about it.  If there’s a web link for even more detailed information from our site or a supplier’s site, clicking the Information Iconagain will get you there.    Thanks for considering us for your window needs.    We’re proud to make a quality window and happy that you can Buy It Direct and save!


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