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Top Notch Truss is a companion to Specialty Wholesale Supply, MAKI Building Centers, and Grand Rental.    The official Top Notch Truss Grand Opening was held on 6/23/16.

As an integral part of the MAKI family, Top Notch Truss is dedicated to the manufacture of some of the best trusses in America!

Top Notch Truss is also the “go to place” for engineered wood products including insulated headers, roof and floor trusses & joists, and laminated vertical lumber and i beams.    Top Notch Truss  manufactures   engineered metal plate connected wood trusses for residential & commercial applications.   Contact Us for a Top Notch Truss!

Top Notch Truss is located on Linus Allain Avenue in Gardner Massachusetts, a city located in North Central Massachusetts.

Engineering Experience

Engineering a truss for a particular use takes into account many important factors integral to the safety of the structure.    Goal is to produce a Top Notch Truss which is trusted to provide years of trouble free service.   With this goal in mind, Top Notch Truss works with each customer to provide just the right solution for a particular need.   The goal is not just to meet the current building code.    The goal is to build a Top Notch Truss which exceeds today’s safety requirements, exceeds customer expectations, and provides peace of mind going forward.  Top Notch Truss builds upon the MAKI family tradition of striving for excellence in products sold and customer service as evidenced by the highly sought after windows and doors produced by the SWS division within the same manufacturing complex.

Exceeding Expectations

Making a truss is a critical mix of engineering knowledge, design expertise, and material selection.     A Top Notch Truss is just that, a truss which is built to exceed expectations.   Please contact us so we can provide what you need for  your project.  We are at your service.