Trustin Railings (formerly Conrad)

Trustin RailingRailings are a great option to outline a deck, or run down a set of stairs and the durable Vinyl Railings from Specialty Wholesale Supply are perfect for your project. Our railings have aluminum reinforcements in both the top and bottom rails for maximum support, are low maintenance, so they never require painting or staining, and they contain UV Inhibitors and impact modifiers that are fade resistant as well as weather able so there is no chipping, cracking or peeling.

Trustin Side View

The Trustin Railing, is defined by the top rail, which has a significant ‘T’ shape to it, when looking a one of it’s ends. The bottom rail has a rectangular shape, that is only slightly smaller than the overhang of the top rail. Trustin Railings have four choices of Spindles: Square Spindles, two different types of Colonial Spindles and, Black Round Aluminum Spindles. Each spindle has it’s own unique set of characteristics which will make finding the perfect choice for your project that much easier!

We stock Trustin options in 36″ heights, with three choices of spindles: Square Spindles, Colonial #2, and the Black Round Aluminum Spindle. 42″ heights are manufactured to order, though they have a quick turnaround time!