Eyebrow Windows

An eyebrow window is almost like you were to cut a slit spanning from left to right in the roof and pushing up from underneath in order to raise a curve in the roof. Finally to insert the window, that is a unique way to add some extra light to penetrate. These windows are have a slightly taller height, along with being slightly wider to portray the  eyebrow shape a little more.

Eyebrow windows feature the choices of glass, choice of removing the J-Channel, grid by seeing the handout below, Extension Jambs and the option to mull the eyebrow to another unit. The standard 3 1/4″ Frame, 7/8″ Overall Glazing, Nail Fin, J-Channel.

We also offer the Extended Eyebrow, with the same options of glass, grid, removal of J-Channel, extension jambs and mulled to another  unit.

Eyebrow Grid Options
We are able to do custom grid as well.