Half Round

Half Round

Normally used as a top piece over two double hung windows, or over a door, Half Round Windows are a perfect compliment to existing window structures.

Half Round Shapes are available in different types of glass, and come with options which include: removing J-Channel, have your choice of Spoke, Single Sunburst, Double or Triple Sunburst grid options, extension jambs as well as being mulled to an existing unit.

Standard Architectural Shape Grid Options

Extended Half Round

These are the same as the Half Round, only with an expansion on the bottom. With this expansion, the round on the top remains the same, there is just extra spanning down.

These windows come with choices including glass, removing J-Channel, grids, Extension Jambs and the option to be mulled to other units. The standard unit for this comes with 3 1/4″ Frame, 7/8″ Overall Glazing, Nail Fin and J-Channel.

Extended Half Round Grid Options