SWS Interior Door Gallery

SWS Full Interior Product Gallery

Doors do more than open and close, they’re part of  your  home’s decor!  SWS has a wide selection of wood interior doors in a number of wood species, along with a complete line of MDF (medium density fiberboard), and molded doors.  Many glass and acrylic options are available to help you create that one of a kind French door.  Door slabs are available for the do-it-yourselfer.   Our SWS Door Shop can hang your door with an extensive variety of jamb and hardware options.  Single, double, slider/by-pass, bifold, and pocket doors are our specialty.

Door units can be customized to fit your measurements and specifications.   With options like these, the possibilities are endless.     This Interior Door Gallery shows stock from one of our vendors, Masonite, to show you what styles are available.   The quality manufacturing is done right in Gardner at SWS with various hardware, jamb, and casing options.