Patio Doors

Patio Doors

Specialty Wholesale Supply offers vinyl sliding patio doors, which are engineered to provide protection against the outside elements. Manufactured in our window shop, our patio doors feature a fully welded vinyl sash and frame for added strength and durability; a multi chambered design for a strong, trouble free door; and a reinforced pull handle with meeting stiles for added strength and security. Because they are manufactured in the window shop, they are an excellent compliment to the windows that are already produced by SWS.

They also have full perimeter double weather stripping for unmatched performance, integral interlock at the meeting stiles, multipoint hardware locking option, a strong aluminum sill track and high performance roller assembly for smooth panel operation regardless of the panel size, as well as double pane insulated glass for added energy efficiency.

Our Sliding Patio Doors also have excellent U-Value ratings, which means that it is energy efficient and that will keep the cold outside, and the warm air inside during winter.

Sliding Patio Doors can come as either an XO Handing or an OX Handing, with the X being the operable panel and the O being stationary. To determine wether you would prefer an XO or an OX, just view where the door would be from the exterior. If you would want the panel that would be on your left to move, then the door is XO. If you prefer the panel on your right to move, the door would be OX. For more information you can use the handout provided below.

Sliding Patio Doors are available with options which can include: screen, hardware, grids, extension jambs and even Above or Side Lites. A standard stock patio door unit includes the Completely Assembled Unit, White Hardware and Nail Fin; while a custom sized or custom grid patio door unit includes 1″ low E I.G Glazing, Nail Fin and White Handle Set.

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