New Construction Bow and Bay Windows

Bow WindowNew Construction Bow and Bay Windows

These windows provide a classic styling to your home, and make any room more inviting. They have a special style not only to the interior, but exterior as well, with the combination of multiple windows to create an angle extending from the edge of the house.

These windows provide more light, and give elegance and spaciousness. They are customizable to feature your choice of windows to make it uniquely yours.

Bay and Bow Window Projection
Bay Bow Window Projection

All bay and bow windows come with an insulated birch seat board, or you can upgrade to your choice of the oak seat board. Bay Units are offered in 30º and 45º units, and they come with the head and an insulated seat board. Bow units are available in either a three, four or five wide. Depending on the projection of the bow or bay unit, knee brackets may need to be added for added support KB-L or KB-XL.

How to Calculate Rough Openings for New Construction:
Take Unit Dimensions and add 1″ to the width and 1/2″ to the height.
Example: On a DG2424, the dimensions are 29 5/8 x 56 1/2.
29 5/8 + 1 = 30 5/8 Rough Opening Width
56 1/2 + 1/2 = 57 Rough Opening Height

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