New Construction Casement Windows

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Casement windows, open completely from the top to the bottom and swing open from either the left, right, or both, depending on your preference. With a cranking handle at the bottom, it allows for easy opening and closing which makes for very little effort in  areas where you cannot reach as easily, such as over a kitchen sink or counter top. There is also a folding handle which can lay flush against the sill when not in use.

These windows will add beauty and style to your home, regardless of the home’s construction being traditional or contemporary. They are custom fitted to your window openings and will provide outstanding thermal efficiency and resistance to air infiltration.

They include a recessed sash design which will significantly reduce the amount of water around the perimeter, and an integral screen pocket in the frame which will allow for easy screen removal or replacement. The fusion-welded from will allow for strength and durability, with an attractive exterior beveled design.

Casement windows come either left handed or right handed, and the handing of each sash is determined by the location of the hinge from the exterior. When viewing the window from the exterior, the handing of the sash will move toward the hinge. For example, a right handed sash will swing outward to the right from the center of a window. More information on the handing of Casement windows can be found in the link below.

Casement windows can be a Single Venting Casement, a Twin Venting Casement, or a Triple Casement. Single Venting Casements are available in choice of glass, grid, hardware, screen, jamb, or accessories. A standard new construction Single Casement unit comes with the frame, 7/8″ overall glazing, nail fin, J-Channel, Standard Hardware and full screen. Twin Venting Casements have options which include glass, jambs, screens, accessories, hardware, and grid. A standard Twin Casement unit comes with frame, Glazing, Nail Fin, J-Channel, Standard Hardware and Screen.  Triple Casements are available with the choices of Glass, Stationary, Grid, Hardware, Jamb, and Accessories. A Standard Triple Casement comes with the Frame 7/8″ Overall Glazing, Nail Fin, J-Channel, Standard hardware, and Screen.

How to Calculate Rough Openings for New Construction:
Take Unit Dimensions and add 1″ to the width and 1/2″ to the height.
Example: On a DG2424, the dimensions are 29 5/8 x 56 1/2.
29 5/8 + 1 = 30 5/8 Rough Opening Width
56 1/2 + 1/2 = 57 Rough Opening Height

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Casement Test Report

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