New Construction Double Hung Windows

New Construction Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows offer two operating sashes that allow for opening from either the top or the bottom. The two sashes operate by moving up and down for ventilation. They are a classic window, which is very popular, and can come with the options of grids, or no grids within the glass for added appeal.

Our Double Hung Windows feature a pivot bar, and locking clips on the lower sash which allow for the easy cleaning the outside of the glass from inside the house.

Double Hung windows are available in our multiple stock sizes with grid, but are also available in custom sizes, within certain limitations. These windows can come with your choice of Jamb, Grid, and Accessories. A standard Double Hung Unit includes 3 1/4″ Frame, 7/8″ Overall Glazing, Sash Locks ( comes with 2 on units that are 2″ and wider), Nail Fin, J-Channel and Night Latches.

How to Calculate Rough Openings for New Construction:
Take Unit Dimensions and add 1″ to the width and 1/2″ to the height.
Example: On a DG2424, the dimensions are 29 5/8 x 56 1/2.
29 5/8 + 1 = 30 5/8 Rough Opening Width
56 1/2 + 1/2 = 57 Rough Opening Height

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Current Double Hung Test Report

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