Replacement Picture Windows

Replacement Picture Windows

Stationary windows, that have no opening points, allow for  a showcasing of the view and often times come as huge centerpieces to pull units. These windows come in much larger sizes than windows that those that open for ventilation.

Because picture windows don’t open, they are great for energy saving, but also add to the beauty of your home by bringing the outside in.

Replacement Picture Units have options in glass, and grid, to match what was already existing. A standard unit will include 3 1/4″ Frame, 7/8″ Glazing, Head Expander and Sill Angle Filler.

Note on the sizing of Replacement Windows
Manufacturing will ALWAYS deduct 1/4″ on the width and 1/2″ on the height when given dimensions that are NOT specified as Tip to Tip.

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