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SWS's most energy efficient window with triple glazing, boasting a .22 U-Value, .26 SHGC & DP 40 standard

SWS’s most energy efficient window with triple glazing, boasting a .19 U-Value, .20 SHGC & DP 50 standard

(a DuraGard XT product)

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TrustGard- a proven performer family of products manufactured by SWS. SWS manufactures it’s casement and awning windows with aesthetic appeal, thermal efficiency and functionality in mind. Theses projecting-style windows are equipped with the state of the art hardware to ensure reliable, near-effortless operation.




Frame and Sash have multiple hollows for strength and energy efficiency
Step sill design and double wall interior leg for added strength and durability
Integral frame pocket for easy, convenient screen application
Non-weeped sill; no unsightly weep holes
All fusion welded sash and frame
7/8″ overall glass thickness
Two full length weather-strips around perimeter of sash
Sash has generous recess located below insulated glass unit to channel water away
Sash has double wall glazing leg
Sash is wet glazed for glazing methods
Tilts opens a full 90° for easy cleaning
T-Mullion Reduces Cost/Improves the appearance of multiple units.


Specialty Wholesale Supply (SWSS) is the Maki Corp MANUFACTURING DIVISION. SWS is a leading manufacturer of quality vinyl windowsexterior doors, interior doors,  patio doors,custom millwork at the Mill Shop, metal fabrication, screen enclosures, countertops, vinyl railing, vinyl fencing, and trusses.




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About SWS

SWS was founded in 1969. Products can be purchased through MAKI Building Centers in Lunenburg, Gardner, Sterling or directly through the SWS manufacturing complex featuring several manufacturing plants and centrally located in Gardner, Massachusetts.  As a family-owned business, we strive to make your shopping experience unique, informative, and personal.  SWS caters not only to architects, builders, and contractors, but also homeowners in Central New England.

The SWS staff enjoys working with you on your project whether your needs are large or small.     Contact us for more information.     Quote Request.


TRI-MAX windows (A Duragard XT Product) are:

Made to Order
Made to Fit
Made to Last
Call (866) 416-3916
Measuring Window Openings
Tip -To – Tip

When given a TTT measurement SWS will use the exact width and height dimension furnished, no deductions.   You window will be made that exact size.  Please measure carefully as customer-furnished measurements are the customer’s responsibility.

Measuring by the opening size

Pertains to an existing window frame where sash has been removed but the window frame has been left in place to house the new unit.  SWS when given an opening size dimension we will deduct 1/4″ off  the width and 1/2 ” off the height of dimension to allow room to square up the opening after installation.

Determine united inch

To determine united inch, add the height and the width.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call SWS for answers.    Download replacement window measuring sheet.




TriMax Replacement Interactive Window – Awning

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