Window Trim Options

Window Trim Options

At SWS we are proud to customize our windows, doors, fencing, and railing to meet the needs of our customers.

New England Trim Option

The 3 1/4″ flat trim addition matches the appearance of traditional New England wood flat casing.swswindows-window-netrim

The New England Trim package is fusion welded and factory applied, making on-site installation a breeze!

Wide siding pocket around entire perimeter of the window (including sill) accommodates a number of siding options

Trim profile is bendable, allowing a number of custom made shapes and sizes

Strong, rigid design provides years of service.    Printable pdf flyer.


swswindows-newenglandtrim-400The base New England Trim comes with a sill, many times customers don’t want the sill and we picture frame the unit instead.
So all of these options listed can either be picture framed, or with sill.
1. New England Trim
2. New England Trim with Bead
3. Brickmould Trim
4. Brickmould Trim w/J-Channel


Other misc. options are.
1. Remove J-Channel
2. J-Channel Fill (for fiber cement installations)






Home with New England Trim option

Home with New England Trim option

New England Trim and EBX